Bike Clinics

We host year-round Bike Clinics open to all families. Register for a clinic and come learn how to ride a bike without using training wheels! We also teach kids how to engage their front and rear handbrakes, use a kickstand, and how to operate a geared bike. From babies being worn to toddlers on balance bikes to kids who are proficient on pedal bikes, this is a space your whole family can enjoy!

Mixed-age space

Mixed-age spaces are invaluable and are much more conducive to kids' learning than age-segregated play. Kids have far more to learn from playmates who differ from themselves in age and ability than from those who are at their same developmental level. Young kids learn from older ones even when they are not interacting with them. They learn just from watching and listening, acquiring not just information but also motivation. They want to do what those who are a little older than themselves are doing! Five-year-olds want to be like the seven and eight-year-olds they see around them and the seven and eight-year-olds want to be like the ten-year-olds, and so on. Mixed-age spaces also benefit older kids by allowing them the opportunity to practice nurturance and leadership. One of the best ways to truly master something is to teach it to another person! Older kids don’t have to be forced to play with younger kids or vice versa but must simply be given the opportunity to.

When & Where?

All of our Bike Clinics take place on Sunday from 9am to 10am and are hosted by our Community Sponsor, Ord Terrace Elementary School in Seaside. Establishing partnerships, building community, and developing equitable access to resources particularly as it relates to education is paramount. A big thank you to their principal, Joe Sampson for reaching out to us and making the move towards creating a relationship where, together, we can do just that.

FoCMC Kids in Action!

Running to their bikes, putting their kickstands up while maintaining their balance, flipping their bikes around in an area with limited space, and racing to the other end! So many skills packed into one activity.

How much does a clinic cost?

We understand that kids grow fast, bikes are expensive, and keeping up with quality gear can be challenging which is why offering scholarships to families in need of financial assistance that have kids that identify as Indigenous, Black, and/or People of Color (IBPoC) is essential to supporting our goal of making biking accessible and affordable for all families in Monterey County. Whether you want to buy from us, bring your own woom™ bike, and/or use one of ours -- we've got a registration option that's bound to fit your family's needs.

Space is limited! 

Only 15 spots available. Get your registration in ASAP! Scholarships are available for families in need of financial assistance with priority given to those of color. 

What happens at a Clinic?

We are certified League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) with the League of American Bicyclists. Registering for a clinic gets your family our professional instruction. We'll help show you how to adjust your child's bike and helmet to fit their needs; how to maintain and care for their bike; and how you, as their adult, can create a supportive environment for your young rider. We have ramps. We have cones. We have obstacle courses. We play games. We talk about bike and pedestrian safety. We have a family cargo bike available (thanks to our Community Sponsor, Xtracycle™) for families to touch and try. We stay late after our clinics are over to give one-on-one instruction to families that want to hang out. But mostly, our clinics are about building COMMUNITY. If any of that appeals to you, we'd love to meet your family and have you attend!

Who Attends?

From Santa Cruz to Soledad to Pacific Grove, families from all over attend our Bike Clinics! From grandparents to caregivers, from kids that just started walking to those who have mastered riding with pedals, we encourage all families to register and attend. Also, if you don't have kids but want to come to one of our Bike Clinics, we'd love to have you. We encourage folx from the community to come out and support our young people. Cheer them on, give out some high fives, ride bikes with them, etc. Nothing like seeing a bunch of toddlers who just learned to walk not too long ago riding bikes with no training wheels like it's no big deal. Come build community with us! RSVP here.



Give Back

Help us apply for nonprofit 501(c)(3) status! We have a minimum of $2500 in major donations in progress that require a tax deduction to be completed. If you want to support our efforts and help us get access to funding so we can expand, please consider donating to help cover the fees associated with the application process for becoming nonprofit. Any amount helps!