Bike Kits & Clinics

Our Bike Kits & Clinics are available for purchase to schools, educators, parks and recreation departments, churches, therapists, rehabilitation centers, after-school programs, daycares, early childhood education centers and programs, etc.


What Comes With A Bike Kit & Clinic?

We've partnered with our Community Sponsors, WOOMBIKES USA, Stampede Bikes, and Bern Unlimited to bring quality kids' biking gear to you at a great price, from balance bikes to pedals to toddler helmets to helmets for big kids! Each Bike Kit & Clinic includes a minimum of five bikes and five helmets, and can be customized from there. Whether your school needs twenty 12" balance bikes and twenty five helmets or your daycare needs six pedal bikes and just two balance bikes, we can customize a kit for you. Also, included in your purchase is our professional instruction (we are certified League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) with the League of American Bicyclists). You'll receive comprehensive, tailored training. We'll show you how to create a supportive and safe environment for young riders, how to properly adjust and fit a bike and helmet, and how to maintain and care for your Bike Kit & Clinic's bikes and helmets.

Say no to training wheels!

What Are Balance Bikes?

Balance bikes replace the need for tricycles and training wheels as they are designed to be used during the time that a child would typically ride a tricycle and/or use training wheels. They ride like regular bikes and don’t get stuck on uneven surfaces; easily gliding over rocks, sidewalk cracks, dirt, curbs, and jumps. They're lightweight, have no pedals and no drive train, and allow children to discover balance and steering control in their own time and comfort zone. As kids play, coordination, balance, agility, and spatial awareness develop. Along with their growing skills and confidence, kids find ways to make the bike travel faster and search for variations in terrain to provide further challenges. This makes for excellent opportunities for risk-taking and allows kids the opportunity to assess the likelihood of success or failure with regard to their own abilities. Being able to experience this on their own teaches them resilience and provides them with a basis to develop responsible attitudes towards future judgments of risk.


Tricycles vs. Balance Bikes

Balance bikes have a lot of benefits over tricycles! Tricycles are very inefficient and as a result, kids generally don’t ride them very long by themselves, which is why many of them come with handles. In addition, tricycles teach kids to pedal first which is a really easy skill to learn, versus teaching balancing first. When kids learn to balance first, they never use training wheels and are on a regular pedal bike by 3 or 4. With tricycles to training wheels, they generally don’t transition to pedal bikes until they are 5 or 6. Furthermore, balance bike are very versatile as they can go over dirt, jumps, curbs, grass and gravel just fine, while tricycles can’t (or need to be pushed). The main concern most people have with balance bikes is that kids can’t simply sit on them and take off. The learning curve with balance bike is longer than with tricycles, but once they learn, they take off! Kids as young as 18 months start riding balance bikes and do just fine, although most don’t master sitting and balancing until they are closer to 2.5.
— Two Wheeling Tots


  • Independence.
  • Ultra lightweight (7.9lbs and up) and easy to control.
  • Develop the necessary balance inherent to riding.
  • Cardiovascular and body strengthener.
  • Speed provides vestibular stimulation.
  • Powerful dose of bilateral coordination.
  • Bumps and hills activate the proprioceptors.
  • Tumbles especially, activate proprioceptors and increase body awareness.
  • Learn to operate the bike while balancing, steering, and regulating speed. This motor integration helps build motor planning ability.
  • Provides a safe, smooth, and natural transition to a pedal bike without the use of training wheels.
  • Biking offers an opportunity for the whole family to engage in a healthy activity together and feel empowered.

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