Our Committees

At FoCMC, we believe we are our own assets and that we have the power to catalyze and facilitate. We believe that we can create spaces to discover and pursue opportunities that unite to achieve the outcomes we want for our families. We believe in harnessing our potential to decide for ourselves how to use the personal and interpersonal resources at our disposal to support our family's needs.


Redistribution Committee

Are you an individual with access to power and resources? Join our Redistribution Committee! We recognize the racist history of wealth inequality and accumulation in the U.S. and are focused on developing equitable access to resources through advocacy, education, and community building. We support folx engaging in collective action to redistribute wealth, land, power, and resources. Submit your application today!

Redistribute Power & Resources

I don’t need white friends. I don’t care if white people are nice to me. I don’t need or want white people to find me desirable, palatable, or respectable. I need them to do more than regurgitate the rhetoric around privilege and ‘intersectionality.’ I need them to adopt a praxis that brings their world to a full stop and redistributes power and resources.
— Francisco-Luis White

Youth Advisory Committee

The kids are the reason FoCMC exists. We follow their lead, always.

Follow the Youth

“We believe that each soul appearing as a baby who comes earth side does so with a journey to make, a respective and unique set of purposes to fulfill and, to go with that, a hunger to learn and progress during whatever time they are here. We desire to cultivate an atmosphere for our children and for ourselves that supports our hearing what calls to us in this life and nurtures that innate hunger rather than stifles it.”
— Life As We Design It: One Family’s Answers to Your Frequently Asked Homeschool / Unschool / Worldschool Questions by Yolonda Jones


Thank you to The Future of Nonprofit Leadership: Worker Self-directed Organizations by Simon Mont and Getting It Together: Ideas for Organizing Collectives by Punch Up Collective which helped shape our team's ideals. Want to get involved? Check out our requirements for partnering to get a feel for who we are and the work we do. Still interested? Contact us.