Dads Read: PoC Mental Month


Dads Read: PoC Mental Health Month

For those interested, here's some data on our Dads Read: PoC Mental Month that took place today:

- 40 (adults + their children) total individuals attended.
- the youngest attendee was is in utero.
- the second youngest attendee was 8-months-old.
- the oldest child attending was 7-years-old.
- the youngest parent attending was 26-years-old.
- the oldest parent attending was 44-years-old.
- three grandparents were in attendance.
- attendees were from Santa Cruz, Salinas, Seaside, Pacific Grove, Soledad, Del Rey Oaks, and Marina.
- most attendees self-identified as Filipino, FilAm, Mexican, Black, Indigenous, Xicana(o), Nepali, Dominican, and/or white.
- the primary language(s) spoken by most attendees were Swedish, Tagalog, Spanish, Nepali, and English.
- and two babies were worn.

A special thank you to our Community Sponsor, The Friends of the Marina Library who continues to invest in FoCMC and support our efforts to center the needs of families of color and develop equitable access to resources through advocacy, education, and community building.