Community Paint Party


For those interested, here's some data on our very first Community Paint Party that took place October 21, 2017.

- 80+ (adults & their children) total individuals attended.
- the youngest attendee was 10-months-old.
- the oldest kid attending were 11-years-old.
- the youngest parent attending was 20-years-old.
- the oldest parent attending was 40-years-old.
- attendees were from Seaside, Salinas, Gonzales, Monterey, Soledad, and Marina.
- most attendees self-identified as Arab, Latinx, Latino, Hispanic, Mexican, Mexican-American, Black, Afrolatina(o), Asian, Japanese, mixed-race, and/or white.
- and the primary language(s) spoken by most attendees was Spanish and English.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our first-ever Community Paint Party! And a special thanks to everyone who donated financially to support the program; to Jessica and Shardonnay for staying late, helping cleanup, and providing translation; to Adrienne and Amelia for providing all bedsheets families painted on; and to Ethel and Vanessa for bringing yummy snacks to share!