November's Balance Bike Clinic


For those interested, here's some data on November's Balance Bike Clinic at Ord Terrace Elementary School in Seaside:

  • 50 (adults + their children) total individuals are attending.
  • 21 kids are registered.
  • 7 are new attendees.
  • 14 are returning attendees.
  • 7 families bought bikes.
  • 3 are returning riders on pedal bikes.
  • 14 families are renting bikes.
  • 5 families needed to rent helmets.
  • 10 families bought helmets.
  • the youngest is 10-months-old.
  • the oldest are all 6-years-old.
  • registrants are from Seaside, Watsonville, Monterey, Salinas, Marina, Pacific Grove, Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Castroville, and Soledad.
  • and 16 registrants needed to use our "Scholarship: Pay What You Can" option.

A special thank you to our Community Sponsors who continue to invest in FoCMC and support our efforts to center the needs of families of color and develop equitable access to resources through advocacy, education, and community building: Bernard Green, LCI; Bern Unlimited; Ord Terrace Elementary School in Seaside; Rooster Wheels & Coffee in Marina; Stampede Bikes; Stefania Castillo, Transportation Planner with the City of Monterey; WOOMBIKES USA, Xtracycle; and Yuba Bicycles.