Family Night Ride


For those interested, here's some data on our Family Night Ride at Ord Terrace Elementary School in Seaside:

  • 30+ families attended.
  • 90% of the families that attended have never been to one of our Night Rides before.
  • attendees were from Seaside, Pebble Beach, Monterey, and Pacific Grove.
  • 2 grandparents were in attendance.
  • 1 parent was pregnant.
  • 6 kids were 5-years-old and under.
  • 9 kids were 11-years-old and under.
  • the oldest kid in attendance was 15-years-old.
  • the primary language(s) spoken by most attendees was Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, and English.
  • attendees self-identified as Latino, Hispanic, Hispano, Hispano-Americano, Spanish, Salvadorean, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Black, African American, mixed-race, and/or white.

A special thank you to our Community Sponsors who continue to invest in FoCMC and support our efforts to center the needs of families of color and develop equitable access to resources through advocacy, education, and community building: Bernard Green, LCI; Bonnie Rose Fernandez, LMFT; Ord Terrace Elementary School in Seaside; Rooster Wheels Bike Shop in Marina; WOOMBIKES USA; and Xtracycle.