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Power & Privilege: Existing While White

  • Caledonia Park 141 Caledonia Avenue Pacific Grove, CA, 93950 United States (map)

Power & Privilege: Existing While White

Join us for a community discussion intended to explicitly educate white folx. We encourage local activists, nonprofits, social change organizations, educators, caregivers, families, etc. to attend. Please bring your kids. This is a family-friendly affair. We encourage families, if they are able, to bring something to share potluck-style.

Topics will include:

  • Leveraging your privilege.
  • White supremacy and your complicity in it.
  • Reparations.

Topics specific to organizations who engage in social change work will include:

  • Does the community served or most impacted by your organization’s work have little or no power over the direction of the organization and how it uses its resources?
  • Is your organization seen in communities of color as a "white" organization?
  • Does your organization hold a paternalistic and deficit-oriented frame and attitude? Are **IBPoC served by white professionals? Do *SD/QT/IBPoC see themselves in leadership roles or in the people they directly interface with?
  • Does your organization address issues that impact *SD/QT/IBPoC without understanding how intersecting oppressions contribute to these issues?
  • White-led organizations have greater access to funding and other resources than organizations led by **IBPoC, what steps is your organization taking to address and redress this?
  • Do *SD/QT/IBPoC feel used as “poster children” to raise funds for and enhance the image of your organization?
  • Does the culture of your organization support being able to talk about power, privilege, and oppression?
  • When race is discussed, are special efforts made not to offend white leaders?
  • Do **IBPoC staff members feel comfortable challenging white leadership? Are those who do, met with defensiveness or labeled as "aggressive / oppositional"?
  • Is there greater respect for the opinions of white people?
  • Are the interactions, behavior, and decisions of your organization dominated by white cultural norms?
  • Are white leaders self-reflective and transparent about what it means to be white leaders of organizations based in **IBPoC communities?
  • Are white leaders proactive about understanding and addressing racism?
  • Does the concept of being “qualified” for leadership and other jobs in the organization include competency related to oppression and connections to *SD/QT/IBPoC communities?
  • Are there *SD/QT/IBPoC on staff? How many are Black?
  • Are **IBPoC staff members concentrated in front line and support jobs, with less positional power and autonomy?
  • Do microaggressions occur daily? Do they go unchecked?
  • Are efforts made to create a welcoming and supportive environment for *SD/QT/IBPoC staff? Do **IBPoC staff members feel unsupported by white leaders and peers?
  • Are there people who are advocating for change? Are *SD/QT/IBPoC often carrying the weight of that work?
  • Is "diversity / equity / inclusion / cultural competence / justice" work relegated to staff members who lack positional power in your organization?
  • Is "diversity / equity / inclusion / cultural competence / justice" work driven by requirements from funders and/or accreditation entities, rather than an actual understanding and commitment?


*SD/QT/IBPoC: Sick, Disabled / Queer, Transgender / Indigenous, Black, People of Color

**IBPoC: Indigenous, Black, People of Color

See FoCMC's Partnering Prerequisites for additional info and resources.

Donations are encouraged to be made by all attendees. $20 suggested donation. (No one turned away for lack of funds.)

We are a community-building collective of multiracial + multiethnic families and all of our Community Programs are funded out-of-pocket by us. If you're able to invest in FoCMC and support our efforts to center the needs of families of color and develop equitable access to resources through advocacy, education, and community building, we accept check, cash, and/or money order. Please make payments to: "Families of Color Monterey County". You can also donate via PayPal.


  • The park is enclosed.
  • The paths consist of decomposed granite and grass.
  • The playground contains woodchips and the equipment is not ADA accessible.
  • Parking is in a residential neighborhood and is free but limited. There is only one disabled spot available nearby.
  • There is no bike rack parking available but you're welcome to lock your bike to the chain-link fence that encloses the park.
  • Bathrooms are available. There is one wheelchair accessible stall in each. There is no non-binary option. There is a baby changing station available in the women's bathroom.
  • There are picnic areas but seating is limited. Please bring your own blanket and/or chair as we will be sitting in a circle on the grass for the event.
  • There are no stairs at this location.
  • There is no ASL interpreter for this event.
  • This is a Fragrance-Free event. Although we will be outdoors, please come unscented to protect those of us with environmental/chemical sensitivities.

Please note, no pumpkin spice lattes will be served at this event.

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