Family Cycling Workshops

We host year-round Family Cycling Workshops led by certified League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) for families who want to ride despite the lack of dedicated infrastructure in Monterey County. We meet in no-to-low traffic areas and talk about family gear (cargo bikes, child seats, trailers, balance bikes, helmets, etc.), "taking the lane", when to use the sidewalk, how to use bike lanes, being flexible about route selection and then we put those skills into practice.


Riding in Traffic • Bike Lanes • Lack of Dedicated Infrastructure • Riding with Toddlers • Private Instruction

A pre-workshop mandatory fitting must be attended -- no exceptions. Scholarships are available for families in need of financial assistance with priority given to those of color. Contact us for more information.

Need a bike tune-up?

Bike been collecting dust? Visit our Community Sponsor, Rooster Wheels & Coffee in Marina and mention "FoCMC" to receive a free bike check-up to get things back in working order.



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