Frida Kahlo Community Programs

All of our Frida Kahlo Community Programs (arts) are community-based and community-led and intentionally established to reach cash poor families in Black and Brown neighborhoods. Our programming is rooted in movements that build the community's power to transform the fragmentation, displacement, and loss of culture that result from histories of exploitation, genocide, and colonialism. We commune and create in ways that amplify the narratives of communities of color, cultivate solidarity in Monterey County, and center self-exploration and cultural expression.

Knowledge can’t come from anywhere outside of us and it does not require any outside validation. Hip-hop does not need to be measured in Langston Hughes’s shadow; bomba is not ballet; tagging requires no museum showing; our work inside and outside prisons is neither illuminated nor aided by questionable linkeages to colonial institutions in an imagined Africa. Lorde help us, if we continue trying to discern what tools do and do not belong to the master, we will drown with our ankles chained to our dreams of freedom.
— We'll Never Create A Freer Future By Role-Playing The Past by Jess Krug


Join us for collaborative painting! We'll supply the canvas, paint, glitter, and brushes -- you just need to register and dress in clothes you're okay with getting messy in.


Join us for family yoga in the park! All you need is to register, bring a yoga mat or towel and a water, and wear comfortable clothes. Beginners and children are encouraged to attend.


Families will get hands-on with projects that are designed to spark imagination and creativity! We will explore coding, storytelling, illustration, movie making, music, and more. Don't forget to register to reserve your spot.



Help us apply for nonprofit 501(c)(3) status! We have a minimum of $2500 in major donations in progress that require a tax deduction to be completed. If you want to support our efforts and help us get access to funding so we can expand, please consider donating to help cover the fees associated with the application process for becoming nonprofit. Any amount helps!