MALCOLM X: Fire Burning Bright

MALCOLM X: Fire Burning Bright by Walter Dean Myers and illustrated by Leonard Jenkins.

We have the following critique:
1. It refers to incarcerated persons pejoratively as "convicts". (notes)

2. It posits Malcolm's position on self-defense without context and simply labels it as a "rejection of nonviolence". (notes)

3. It reduces Malcolm X to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s antithesis.  (notes)

4. It entertains the idea that reverse racism exists.

5. It conflates racism and racial discrimination. 

6. There is only a sentence in the entire book where Dr. Betty Shabazz, his wife and the mother of his children, is mentioned.

7. It falsifies history and perpetuates the lie that Malcolm X's mother, Louise Little was not deliberately and cruelly harassed into a state of nervous exhaustion and then stripped of her children and placed in a mental institution because a local probate judge coveted family land.