Community Sponsors

A special thank you to our Community Sponsors who continue to invest in FoCMC and support our efforts to center the needs of families of color and develop equitable access to resources through advocacy, education, and community building.

Recognizing Local Individuals

We'd also like to recognize local Monterey County individuals who support FoCMC and make what we do possible!


We are a community-building collective of multiracial + multiethnic families and all of our Community Programs are funded out-of-pocket by us. If you're able, we accept check, cash, money order, and/or PayPal. Please make payments to: "Families of Color Monterey County". We also accept donations of gently-used bike gear (bikes, helmets, gloves, etc.).

Sponsorship Opportunity


Over 75% of families that register for our Balance Bike Clinics use our Scholarship Option: Pay What You Can. Want to help FoCMC continue to be able to offer that option? Sponsor a kid! Check out 5 different ways you can help us do that below.

• Buy a kid a new helmet: $50
• Buy a kid a Balance Bike Clinic session: $75
• Buy a kid a new bike and a Balance Bike Clinic session: $205
• Buy a kid a new bike, a new helmet, and a Balance Bike Clinic session: $255
• Or donate any amount you want: $5+

Also, if you want to come to one of our Balance Bike Clinics, we'd love to have you. We encourage folx from the community to come out and support our young people. Cheer them on, give out some high fives, ride bikes with them, etc. Nothing like seeing a bunch of toddlers who just learned to walk not too long ago riding bikes with no training wheels like it's no big deal. Come build community with us!


Interested in becoming a Community Sponsor? Check out our requirements for partnering to get a feel for who we are and the work we do. Still interested? Contact us.