Affinity Spaces: Starting Your Own Organization


Affinity Spaces: Starting Your Own Organization

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We are committed to making our events available regardless of ability to pay. If you need it, simply select the scholarship option that your family is able to do and pay what you can. If you don't need to use the scholarship option, the event costs $100.

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Imagine a world with various routes to participation, informal leadership (in which newbies and pros share the same space), and different kinds of knowledge (lived, tacit, intensive, extensive, etc.) are fostered and valued?

At FoCMC, we recognize that there is unequal access to opportunities, experiences, skills, and knowledge. And we believe that addressing this inequity is the community's responsibility. We also believe in harnessing the potential of families to decide for themselves how to use the personal and interpersonal resources at their disposal to support their needs. We know that together we can co-create what we want and need.

Join us for a workshop detailing how FoCMC came to be and the tools that each of us has at our disposal to build spaces and organizations that meet our families needs despite what white supremacy and anti-Blackness would have us believe.

Topics will include:

  • Soliciting Community Sponsors
  • Building Your Own Website
  • Designing Graphics
  • Managing Social Media

*Additional details to come.